FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions




 How can I access the academic calendar?

 You can access it at http://ogris.gazi.edu.tr/posts/view/title/akademik-takvim-15015.



 I got the right to register at the faculty. What do I need to do to register?

 What our students need to do is stated in Gazi University Student Registration Guide.

 There are 2 methods for recording:

• By way of Internet: You can register via e-government.

• Personally applied: You can register at the student's office at our faculty.

 Is it enough to register online?

 Yes. All records made through e-government are valid.

 I just registered. How will I use the Student Information System?

 Students enrolling for the first time to our university can enter the student information system with the student number and password (last 6 digits of T.C ID number) given to  them during registration. The password can be changed via the system depending on the request. The Student Information System is used for courses such as elective-register-  note status learning. You can do course selection on announced dates from this platform.




 What is course registration? When is it done?

 Course registration must be made between the dates specified in the academic calendar every semester. Otherwise; the lessons of that period can not be taken.

 Do I have to register every semester?

 Yes. Course registration should be done every semester.

 Add / drop course? How is it done?

 You can change your courses if you need to change the courses you have selected (not opening the course, crashing into another course, overlapping exam dates ..). You can  make the necessary changes by consulting your advisor on the dates of the courses you have selected in the academic calendar.



 What is the semester course loan?

 Our students have to take lessons in the amount of the minimum amount of credit for the semester they are in. However, if some of the courses in the semester are completed  (successfully taken before), the lower limit is not applied. The amount of credit can be increased by 2/5 of the amount of credit for that semester for the students whose weighted  overall avarage is 2.00 or more. 

 In which situations can I take lessons from the upper half?

 It is imperative that the student does not have failed courses from the previous semesters and that the weighted overall average is 3.00 and above. You may take lessons from  the upper half of the semester if your counselor approves. For this reason, the credit amount of the courses to be taken from above can not exceed 2/5 of the credit amount of  the semester. Our students may graduate earlier than their study period by taking lessons from the upper half.


 In what order should the course be selected?

 When choosing a course, the courses that you fail first must be taken. After that, the courses in the related semester can be selected according to the amount of the remaining  credits.


 Can I choose another elective course instead of an unsuccessful  elective course?

 Yes. If you fail in the elective course, another elective course may be taken.



 What is student approval?

 After the course selection, our students are required to submit the student's course approval in the Student Information System on the date specified in the academic calendar. It  is the process of determining the courses to be taken during the period.


 What is consultant approval?

 The student should discuss with the advisor on the dates specified in the academic calendar and the advisor approval should be done. Otherwise, the registration is invalid (even  if the student has been approved).



 Who pays the school fee?

 Evening education students, undergraduate students and students who have completed the maximum period of study are obliged to pay school fee  determined in accordance  with Article 172 of Law No. 6111 published in the Official Gazette every semester. The amount of the tuition to be paid can be learned from the Student Affairs Information  System. Contributions (deletion of registration, freeze of registration) are not refundable under any circumstances.



 How is the course grade calculated?

 The course grade is calculated as the sum of 40% of the midterm score and 60% of the final score.

 In which situations is the make-up examination used?

 A make-up exam is an exam for students who are not qualified to attend the examinations on a board approved by the board of directors (for a valid and valid reason). Within  seven days following the student's apology, he / she should apply to the Unaccredited Student Affairs Unit with a petition (form link). Make-up exam right is only given for mid-  term exams (visa). For details, visit Gazi University Education and Examination Regulation, Article 23- (1).


 What is a single course exam?

 A single course exam is an exam for students who have only failed in one course to graduate. At the end of the summer school, only the student who attends the summer  school in that academic year may enter the single exam. In order to be successful in single course examination, it is necessary to have at least (CC) letter grade. The midterm  grade is not taken into consideration when this letter grade is specified.


 What is the Preparatory Exemption Exam?

 The Preparatory Exemption Exam is only for Business English (EN) and International Relations (EN) students who are studying in English. If you are  successful in the exam,  you are exempt from the preparatory class.


 What is the Foreign Language Exemption Examination?

 Students who succeed in the Foreign Language Exemption Exam for ING-101 and ING-102 Coded English classes in Class 1, except for students of Business Administration  and  International Relations Departments, will be exempt from these courses.



 What is the explanation of letter notation in Gazi University grading system?

 A letter grade indicates your success grade.





















 B: Successful for non-credit courses,

 K: Stay for non-credit courses,

 D: No attendance,

 G: Not entered,

 M: Exempt,

 Q: Super work,

 E: Missing (converted to (E) grade (FF) not corrected until the course registration date of the following semester)

 A student who has taken grades (AA), (BA), (BB), (CC), (DC) and (DD) is successful. In addition, students with a GPA of at least 2.00 per semester / year.


 Do we have to attend classes at our faculty?

  Yes, there is an obligation to continue.



 In what situations is the certificate of achievement given?

 Students whose overall average is between 3.00-3.50 will be successful and students with a score of 3.51 or higher will graduate with a high honor list and this will be indicated in  their diplomas. There is also no document.



 What is the language of instruction?

 The language of instruction is Turkish and English. The Business and International Relations program provides 2 levels of training. Training services are provided in the language  of the program eligible for study.

 General information about the characteristics of the programs of the departments of Gazi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is given in the following  table. You can communicate with departments for details.



 What are the registration freezing conditions?

 Students may be allowed to freeze registration up to one year during the undergraduate education and training period, provided that they have significant and justifiable reasons  or provided that they have the opportunity to train abroad. This type of leave is added to the maximum period of legal education. However, applications for such permits must be  made until the end of the registration renewal period.

 Students who have a medical report  for a period of more than one year or students who have been put under arms have the rights for education for that period. It is necessary to  apply to the relevant faculty, the conservatorate or the higher education institution in order to make the subsequent return records within one month after the end of the report or  the date of termination of the report together with the reports of these persons or the discharge documents (Article 32 (1) (2) of Gazi University Education and Examination  Regulation).


 How many times can a student who has a valid excuse freeze the registration?

 A student with a valid excuse can freeze up to a total of 1 year in two consecutive terms.


 Who qualifies for graduation?

 The students who have successfully completed the courses and whose general average is at least 2.00 are eligible to graduate and receive a bachelor's degree.


 Can I get a temporary graduation certificate?

 No. There is no temporary graduation certificate in our faculty.



 How can I get my diploma?

 Students report that they have graduated with a graduation application form. If there is no problem, the diploma is prepared.


 How long is preparation time of the diploma?

 The duration of the diploma preparation takes 20-30 days depending on the intensity of the work. You can also get your diploma from our faculty within 3 days from the time you  appear on the e-government status.


 What should I do if I lose my diploma?

 A photocopy of one copy of the identity card (both sides), 2 passport photos and a petition (link) must be submitted to the student affairs of our faculty. The diploma document is  prepared once. In case of loss, a certificate is given instead of a diploma. This document can be edited twice.

 I'm a graduate student, in what circumstances can I get my vocational school of higher education associate diploma?

 Students who have successfully completed all courses in the first two years may preferably terminate their education. In this case, he is entitled to receive a bachelor's degree  and loses his bachelor's degree.



 Who can apply for summer school?

 Anyone who completes our first year at our faculty can apply.


 How do I apply for summer school?

 In 2016-2017 Academic year, there will be a summer school application. For more information, the web page of the Student Affairs Department should be followed.


 Can I take a summer school course at another university?

 If our summer school is not open, it can be taken at another university. The opposite is not the case.

 If I do not take the summer school exam, will there be an excuse examination?

 Yes. In the summer school, there is an excuse for the midterm exam.

 How about evaluating the success of the summer school course?

 Success evaluation is evaluated as 40% of mid-term and 60% of  final exam.



 How can I get information about the Erasmus Student Exchange Program?

 For frequently asked questions about Erasmus +, you can visit our FAQ - ERASMUS + page. You can also get the necessary information from Erasmus Coordinators who are in  charge of each department of our faculty.



 Who can attend the Farabi Student Exchange Program?

 You can get the necessary information from the Farabi Coordinators who are in charge of each department of our faculty.

 Can we take lessons at the university we are going to?

 Yes. You can take lessons from the university you go.

 I have studied at another university in the last year under the Farabi Student Exchange Program and have succeeded in all my courses. At which university can I get  my diploma?

 You need to get a diploma from Gazi University.



 Who can attend the Mevlana Student Exchange Program?

 You can get the necessary information from Mevlana Coordinators who are in charge of every department of our faculty.

 What are the conditions for Mevlana student exchange program?

 Associate degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree or Ph.D. students can apply for the Mevlana exchange program. Associate and undergraduate students must have at least  two out of four  from the  general academic grade averages, and master and doctoral students  must have at least three out of four from the  general academic grade averages.



 What is lateral transfer, how is it done?

 Our faculty students can make a lateral transfer between the higher education institutions and the equivalent higher education institutions recognized by the Higher Education  Council. The student  must not have a failed grade in the program for the term that he has completed and he/she does not have conditional grades according to the university  regulation (such as DD or DC). It is mandatory that the average GPA of the student is at least 3.50 / 4.00 in the system (minimum 88.33 / 100 for the programs using the system  only).



 What is double major and minor?

 Depending on the provisions of the Gazi University Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations, students with an average GPA of over 3.50 are entitled to receive a  bachelor's degree or minor certificate, preferably in a second course. For detailed information, please review Double Major - Minor Regulations.



 Can I study Master and PhD?

 Students with a bachelor's degree from our faculty can apply for undergraduate training. The conditions for graduate education vary according to the institute applied.



 Where can I get the student certificate?

 The student's certificate can be obtained from the e-government or our faculty's Student Affairs Department. The student's certificate is handed over to students in wet- ink  signature by the Student Affairs Department of our faculty.

 Where can I get a transcript?

 You can obtain it from  our faculty's Student Affairs Department.

 Where are student ID cards taken? What should I do if I lose?

 The student ID card is distributed to the new enrolled students in the orientation program. In case of loss, an application must be made to the Rectorate Student Affairs Office.

 What is bandroll? How to get it?

 Bandrol is an idiom that shows that you are still a student of Gazi University on your student ID. It is renewed every year. Our faculty distributes the new bandrolls in the units  and it is  announced on the web page.

 How can I access forms and petitions?

 Click to access other forms related to our faculty.



 What are the requirements for male graduates to do military service?

 Graduated male students may apply to the military service when their diploma is published. Your military postponement is 2 years.



 How do I get an address with Gazi extension?

 It can be obtained online at http://gunet.gazi.edu.tr/. You need to connect internet within the corporate network.

 Is wireless internet service offered?

 Yes. There is wireless internet service in our campus. EDUROAM, Student Login, Guest Login networks are available for wireless internet connection.



 Are there scholarships and job opportunities?

 Part-time job opportunities are available for our students at our university. Our students who want to work part time in our faculty need to follow the announcements on the web  page of the Student Advisory Center.



 Disciplinary Regulation of Gazi University and necessary information can be reached from YÖK Student Discipline Regulation.



 The communities established by our students give students the opportunity to participate in science, culture, art, sports, etc. in order to increase their socio-cultural activities for  their leisure time. Our faculty's student communities are becoming more and more prosperous every year with the proposal and participation of our students. Please click the community list of our student communities.