From Our Dean

Founded in 1955 and named as AİTİA until 1982, Faculty of Economics was connected to Gazi University in 1982 and its name became Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Educational programs carried out at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences are compared with the programs of other educational institutions which carry out similar education programs both in Turkey and abroad by academic board every academic year and necessary improvements are made to keep up the modern era.

There are nine departments in our faculty: Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Econometrics, Economics, Business, Political Science and Public Administration, Public Finance, Health Care Management, International Relations and International Trade. Our students have the opportunity to study at the universities in and out of the country with the help of Farabi, Mevlana and Erasmus programs as well as  double major and minor programs  in our university  which address the successes and horizons of our students.

As of the academic year of 2016-2017, 7935 students are studying at our faculty. The Faculty has a total of 221 academic and 50 administrative staff consisting of 59 professors, 47 associate professors, 25 assistant professors, 5 lecturers and 85 research assistants. The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Gazi University is proud of being a faculty member who has the highest academic support not only to the other universities in Ankara but also to the other universities in our country.

The mission of our faculty is to educate experts and administrators to  increase the productivity of the private sector, political and bureaucratic institutions  in accordance with the scientific management concept in the contemporary norms in these fields and to be one of the leading faculties of Turkey both in education and social fields. Due to the outstanding achievements of our faculties, our students and graduates are constantly living "the privilege of being a member of Gazi University".