HAK_IS and Gazi University Cooperation Protocol
29 Ocak 2018 10:32

Signing ceremony of 'Gençlik Farkında Tema Fikri Proje Yarışması İkili İşbirliği Protokolü' between our university and HAK-İŞ Confederation was held on January 17, 2018.

HAK-İŞ Chairman Mahmut Arslan, Rector of the University Professor. Dr. İbrahim Uslan, Dean of Faculty Dr. Gonca Bayraktar Durgun and many guests attended the signing ceremony.

Rector Uslan: "We are ready to make new projects with HAK-İŞ"

"I believe that this protocol will be a much more encompassing and comprehensive initiative on behalf of the country as a human being, not just a woman, but an initiator of all encompassing and productive projects. I would like to express that we are open to doing new projects with HAK-İŞ with this project ".

Gonca Bayraktar Durgun, dean of our faculty, explains that the project protocol of the women's politics and the women-based work in the trade union context is the foundation of the project. "We aim to support and raise awareness of graduate and doctoral students'.

Within the scope of our project, we have a goal for 8 March World Women Workers Day. With HAK-İŞ, we created a project that can be applied not only to the issue of violence but also to take part in other social issues ".

Arslan, who emphasized the necessity of bringing the cooperation between universities and civil society organizations, universities and trade unions to a more advanced level within the 4th generation university logic, said, "We have a particular fact about working life as HAK-İŞ. This is education-employment cooperation. We express that we care about the relationship between education and employment. We want to develop, strengthen and make this cooperation with our universities'