The Ankara Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences, which began teaching in Ankara in 1955, expanded its education and training capacity with the admission of private colleges in 1971 by law. Faculty of Economics, Business Administration, Finance and Management Sciences, School of Financial Sciences and Accounting, and School of Banking and Insurance were established under Gazi University in 1982 and the present Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences was formed.


The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has nine departments: Economics, Business Administration, Political Science and Public Administration, Finance, Health Management, International Relations, International Trade, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, and Econometrics. The Finance Vocational Higher School and the Cadastre Vocational Higher School affiliated to our faculty were closed in 2014 and no new students are taken. Together with the normal teaching in nine departments, the evening education in six departments continues in our faculty.  However, since 2013, no new students have been enrolled in the evening education programs.


At the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, double major and minor programs have been carried out between the departments within Gazi University since 2003. Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year, the departments of  International Relations and Business Administration  provide 100% English and 100% Turkish education, and the other departments continue their education in Turkish.