Our Events

Our activities are listed below.

Date Event Name
 11/12/2017  Social Security Conference
 06/12/2017  Informing Subcontractor Workers
 05/12/2017  5 December Turkish Woman's Recognition of the Right to Vote and to be Elected
 01/12/2017  Leadership Summit
 30/11/2017  8th Personal Development Summit
 29/11/2017  KİGEL Personal Growth Summit
 28/11/2017  University and Trade Union Meetings
 10/11/2017  Memorial Ceremony of the Great Leader Atatürk on the 79th Anniversary
27/10/2017 2017-2018 Education-Training Year Opening Ceremony and Nostalgia Graduation Ceremony
17/10/2017 Career and Entrepreneurship
25/05/2017 University-Trade Union Meeting
23-24-25/05/2017 Graduation Ceremony 2017 Program
17/05/2017 International Ambassadors Summit
16/05/2017 "Past Academy of the Future" and "Academy Career Interviews"
15-18/05/2017 AFSAD Ankara Exhibition and Photograph Show
12/05/2017 Brand Summit
11/05/2017 Derivative Products in Today's Banking
09-10-11/05/2017 10th Academy Career Days
07/05/2017 Turkish Art Music Concert with Poems
14-16/04/2017 Visit to Çanakkale Cemetery
24/03/2017 K Plus "Becoming an E-commerce Giant from Start Up"
23/03/2017 Presidential System: Yes / No
22/03/2017 Festival in Uur Faculty - Spring Concert
21/03/2017 Conference: "Recent Developments in Working Life"
21/03/2017 Fırat Çakıroğlu Conferences: Çanakkale
13/03/2017 Turkey's Crisis Experiences
09-10/03/2017 Gazi Academy Young Social Scientists Symposium (GAGSBS) 2017
08/03/2017 Microphone on You: "I Have a Word to Say"
28/02/2017 Conference: Structure of the Social Security System and Recent Developments
30/12/2016 Goodbye to 2016, Hello to 2017
29/12/2016 Conference: Occupational Health and Safety
12/12/2016 Business Days'16
12/12/2016 Meeting on Fighting Against Violence against Women
19/12/2016 Aleppo and Turkmen Resistance from the Language of Lamentations
05/12/2016 5 December Recognition and Selection of Turkish Women Activity
28/11/2016 "Employment and Unemployment" Conference
23/11/2016 University Trade Union Meeting