Sportive Activities

Gazi University is an institution where the sport is alive. In addition to the education given by the College of Physical Education and Sports, our college attracts attention to the sports world with its well-known sport figures. From Naim Süleymanoğlu to Nurcan Taylan, many famous sportsmen who have been leading the Turkish and world sports have reached to the top by the help of the education they get from Gazi University.

Sports activities such as Gymnastics, Volleyball, Basketball, Step, Badminton, Cross Track, Athletics, Weightlifting, Judo, Football, Handball, Wrestling, Skiing, Taekwando, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Beach Handball and Swimming  are being continued at our university. Our teams participate in the sports competitions organized by the The General Directorate for Youth and Sports and take various grades on behalf of  our university.

In addition to these, we have a well-equipped gymnasium that was opened in early 2006. There are 480 seats, 2 male and 2 female dressing rooms, male and female referee dressing room, and 2 locker rooms in addition to 2 fully equipped sauna rooms and 2 fitness rooms.