Student Communities

The communities established by our students give students the opportunity to participate in science, culture, art, sports, etc. in order to increase their socio-cultural activities for their leisure time. Our faculty's student communities are becoming more and more prosperous every year with the proposal and participation of our students. Below is a general information  and community list of our student communities.

How to build a Student Community

The application for the establishment of the student community is made by our Faculty Dean. The application file is prepared and handed over to our communication department, and the community opening process is started.

In the application file;

• At least 16 founding students' names, surnames, email addresses, phone numbers and  student documents including disciplinary status,

• Academic leader's name and surname, email address, telephone number and signed confirmation of acceptance of academic leadership,

• The name of the group,

• The aim of the society,

• Type of activities and one-year activity plan

are stated in detail.

How to Apply an Activity Application

In order to obtain the necessary permissions from the Rector's office, the event request which is planned to be organized by the community should be given to the Faculty Communication Unit for submission to the Dean's Office no later than 15 days before. For your information and events to be organized, you must include the participant's name and surname, where the participant works, the text (abstract, papers etc.) summary, the material to be used in the events, and the program flow text, 1 hour before and after the program time.

How is the Activity Announcement made?

Please, contact İİBF Information Processing Unit for posting banners and photographs of community events on İİBF web page and social media accounts.

How is the Student Community Closed?

The Community may be permanently closed for reasons such as deviations from the organization's purpose and having less than 1/3 of the activities identified in the activity plan. The academic advisor and the chairman of the community association must be informed about the closure of the community.

Opening and Operating Instructions for Student Communities

Please click on the instruction on opening and operation of student communities coordinated by the Office of Health and Culture at our university.